Firestorm Armada At Adepticon 2015 Is In The Books!

Adepticon logo.

Adepticon 2015 has come and gone, and Schaumberg Prime has fallen to the Zenian League. Congratulations to David Wangen, the new North American champion who won the day by enlisting the services of Works Raptor along with a couple of allies.

Second place in the tournament went to Jonathan Wong running Ryushi, and third place was claimed by Stuart Gaston playing Tarakians. The more observant will notice that the top three were all playing alliance fleets.

Firestorm Armada at Adepticon 2015. Photo credit: The WayGate.

Below is David’s Works Raptor list, as well as Stuart’s Tarakian list. Also, The WayGate has posted words and pictures from Adepticon day 1 and day 2. Congratulations to the top 3, and to everyone for making the 24 player tournament such a success!

Works Raptor (1st place)
Attrition Assault Carrier with Corrosive Torpedoes
4x Interdictors with Corrosive Torpedoes
2x Tyranny Corvettes
2x Tyranny Corvettes
3x Ba’Kash Sharnak Cruisers
3x OSO Corsair Brigand Cruisers (with DR and CR upgrades)

List 1 SRS: 6 Bomber SRS in the Attrition
List 2: 6 Interceptors in the Attrition

(Each competitor was allowed to bring two lists to each match to allow them to select the most favourable one for the matchup.)

Tarakians (3rd place)
Ganak Battleship with Interceptors SRS, Self Repair MAR and 2x Aquan Prime Kappa Escorts
4x Sulan Cruisers
4x Sulan Cruisers
3x Tarl Frigates
2x Tarl Frigates

Thanks to David and Stuart for posting their lists on Facebook.