Enlist To Fight In The Battle For Omicron Theta!

[Update: Since this post was published, the U-Con organisers have updated the tournament price. A combined tournament and convention ticket will now cost $20.]

On November 15th, The Battle for Omicron Theta, a Firestorm Armada tournament, will take place at the U-Con gaming convention in Ann Arbor, Michigan. If you’d like to play, you’ll need a 900 point fleet and an event ticket which costs $6. You’ll also need a convention badge which costs an additional $20 for the Saturday if you pre-register.

The tournament is being organised by the fine fellows at The Waygate, and promises to be a fun day of spaceship combat. Check out this thread on the Spartan forums for full details and discussion of the event, and be sure to pre-register soon if you plan to play as only 20 spots are available!