Element 270 And Meeples & Miniatures Discuss Halo And Kickstarter

The Element 270 and Meeples & Miniatures podcasts have posted episodes in which they talk to members of Spartan Games about the new Halo tabletop games which were announced yesterday, as well as the modular terrain kickstarter that Spartan is currently running.

Episode 22 of Element 270 features Neil Fawcett and Derek Sinclair in the guest seats as they talk about and expand upon the Halo announcement, including some things that weren’t mentioned in the initial blog post. They also go into a fair bit of discussion about the kickstarter including how it all works and possible uses for it.

On Meeples & Miniatures episode 139, Spartan Neil drops by to discuss the Halo announcement and the kickstarter. He also takes a trip back to Spartan’s early history, including some pretty startling sales numbers from the early days!