Early March YouTube Catchup

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A slew of new videos have appeared on the Tube of You recently for both Firestorms Armada and Planetfall.

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Die Grüne Horde has been busy as always with tons of new things to watch in both English and German, including Armada and Planetfall unboxings, batreps, and a cool showcase of the Battle For Valhalla starter box shown off on a nice gaming table.

Meanwhile, Civilian Gamer posted a batrep of an 800pt game featuring the classic conflict between the Terrans and the Dindrenzi. Want to know who won? Go and find out!

Yo ADHD uploaded a couple of Planetfall videos including an unboxing of the Aquan side of Battle for Proteus Prime, and an update on his painting of said Aquans.

Both Peter Fontebasso of Element 270 and Dan from Slayer Gaming posted some looks at the Terran Heavy Armour helix, which gives the already well-shielded and armed Terrans even more shields and guns!

Finally, Geek & Sundry vlogger Teri Litorco unboxed Battle for Proteus Prime with her other half Nathan. Watch her wax lyrical about the quality of Spartan’s resin! (It is really nice resin!)

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