Early July 2015 YouTube Community Update

YouTube icon.

Firestorm content has continued to appear on YouTube recently thanks to the usual great channels which are supporting the games.

First up, Pete Fontebasso has unboxed the Terran Charter Enforcement Fleet for FSA and has also posted a flick-through of the Firestorm System Wars booklet which is included with every Invasion Fleet box.

Next, Slayer Gaming has posted an Armada battle report which sees the Veydreth face off against the Relthoza in an 800-point battle over at the SG shop.

Finally, Die Grüne Horde has been uploading their usual varied selection of videos including an unboxing of the Veydreth Recon Helix for Planetfall, and a nice showcase of the Oroshan ships in Armada.

If you have a YouTube account, then be sure to subscribe to all of these channels to support them in supporting Firestorm!