Download Planetfall’s Updated Rulebook For Free

Spartan Games has added the Firestorm Planetfall rulebook as a free PDF download to the downloads section on their website. Much like the earlier Firestorm Armada rulebook PDF release, the Planetfall PDF is the full rulebook with some important changes included.

Planetfall rulebook front cover. Image credit: Spartan Games.

The Planetfall FAQ has been merged into the PDF, and certain parts of the book, most notably the infamous Sky Drop & Artillery section, have received rewrites to make them easier to understand. Other changes include an update to the example force list, several typo corrections, and the curious but welcome inclusion of the Saurians and Illosians to the pact lists, among other things.

Huge thanks to Spartan for making this download available, which should help even more people to check out the game. The rulebook PDF is available now from the Downloads section of the Spartan Games website.