Combatzone Scenery Wing Command Tokens

Combatzone Scenery logo.

If you’re a Halo Fleet Battles player and would like to upgrade your wing tokens to something a little snazzier, Combatzone Scenery might be able to help. They’ve just announced a new range of 3D token upgrades called Wing Command that are ideal for making the likes of Pelicans and Seraphs look a little more impressive on the table.

Zealot tokens and bases from Combatzone Scenery. Image credit: Combatzone Scenery.

The 3D tokens are made from “alpha grade casting plaster” which is apparently harder than resin, and both Terran (which may or may not resemble the UNSC) and Zealot (which could resemble the Covenant) forces are catered for. The token packs start shipping on November 16.

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