Calling All Artists! Spartan Games Needs You!

Over on deviantART, Alex Mann (aka Spartan Alex, Firestorm Armada lead at Spartan Games) has put out a call for artists to contribute to the Firestorm universe.

I’m looking for one or more artists to create illustrations to help visualise the existing background and world of the Firestorm Armada universe from Spartan Games. This is a game with a globally established player base since 2009, made by a small UK-based company based in Somerset UK.

Whilst this is initially unpaid in the concept stages, it may lead to a future commercial relationship (no guarantees), if/when this “fluff” project goes live. It does offer the chance for a global exposure for your work and the associated kudos of affiliation etc, and of course no work would be used without permission and on final agreement.

If you have the skills and would like to see your work featured in future Firestorm Galaxy material, head over to the dA forum post and express your interest! In addition, Alex has started a Firestorm Armada group on dA as well to collect together art related to this project.

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