Bitzbox Unboxes The Valiant And The CPV For Halo Fleet Battles

Bitzbox logo.

Bitzbox has added a couple of new unboxings to their channel, one of which takes a look at the UNSC Valiant-class Super-Heavy Cruiser and the other which looks at the Covenant CPV Heavy Destroyer, both for Halo Fleet Battles.

The videos cover the box contents, how the models go together and what the stats are like. The Valiant unboxing in particular mentions a current hot topic in the community concerning its stats, which are actually worse than a supported Marathon cruiser but costs 5 points more. Spartan seems to know about the concern, and hopefully will address it at a future date.

Both boxes contain cool-looking models, and if you just want them to display then knock yourself out! As always, be sure to subscribe to Bitzbox if you enjoy their content.