Adepticon 2017 Primer Missions And Information

2017 Adepticon logos.

Adepticon 2017 is only a couple of months away, and the build-up to the convention has begun with primer missions and information on the events taking place there.

First up, The Waygate (who are organising the Firestorm and Halo events) have posted primer missions. These are intended to get you used to the kinds of scenarios you’ll encounter at Adepticon if you’re going, and of course can also be played by anyone even if they’re not going to the dance.

Additionally, a new post has appeared on the official Spartan Games blog that outlines the events themselves, and provides some handy tips for having fun at the convention. This year’s events will also introduce some new sponsors who will provide terrain and game mats.

Tickets are still available for the Adepticon tournaments, so if you fancy a fun weekend of sci-fi gaming in Schaumburg, IL, then don’t wait too long before booking!