AdeptiCon 2016 Registration Opens, Planetfall Sold Out!

Adepticon logo.

Registration has opened for events at AdeptiCon 2016, which will take place in Schaumburg, IL, between March 31 and April 3, 2016. The WayGate, in association with Firebase Delta and Spartan Games, will be running events at the con including learn to play and competitive events. As well as registering for an event, you’ll also need a convention badge to gain entry to the con itself.

Events are available for both Firestorm Armada (April 2-3) and Firestorm Planetfall (April 1), although the Planetfall tournament sold out in just a few hours after registration opened! It’s great to see so much interest in the game, but it does also mean that if you’d like to play you’ll have to get on the waiting list. As of this post, the Firestorm Armada tournament does have a few spots left, but you’ll have to be quick!

Speaking of Armada, The WayGate has confirmed that the tournament will act as the official North American Championships. Apparently, there are more surprises to come, too. Both the Armada tournament and the Planetfall tournament have event pages on Facebook if you’d like to discuss the event or RSVP there.