Acrylic Firestorm Armada Accessories From Underground Lasers

As well as offering acrylic upgrades for Planetfall tokens and templates, US-based Underground Lasers now also offers acrylic goodies for Firestorm Armada as well. On their website, you’ll find damage tokens, a non-damage token set, a “multi tool” that combines the battle log and movement templates, and replacement flight pegs and stands.

Two-peg Firestorm Armada bases by Underground Lasers.

The flight pegs and stands are particularly interesting not only because they come in a range of colours, but also because of the positioning rings. UL claims that these can be glued into place on the peg to help to stabilise ships, especially older one-peg large ships, or simply left off for smaller ships. Also, at last, there is a way to buy more two-peg bases!

The Firestorm Armada products are available now from the Underground Lasers store.