A Tale Of Battle To Guide Us Through Planetfall

Over on the Spartan Games forums, Spartan Derek has posted the first part of an introduction to Planetfall, in the form of a battle report telling the tale of a battle between the Aquans and the Directorate. The post covers how a game of Planetfall is set up, including choosing forces (with our first look at an actual Force List), how terrain and objectives are deployed, and how Logistical Points work.

What are Logistical Points?…basically they are points that a player can ‘bid’ with to improve the end result of any Opposed Tactics Test. Player hide their bid from their opponent and then reveal…making the use of Logistical Points quite exciting! The cost of Logistical Points differs between the Forces, and the Directorate get theirs cheap!…..well they are a conglomerate of corporations after all….you’d expect them to be pretty good at logistics.

It’s great to see more information on the inner workings of Planetfall, ahead of the release of wave 1 on October 22.