Firestorm Armada Meets Space Engineers

A new three-part mini series was uploaded to the Fleet Signal YouTube page which takes a look at some Firestorm Armada ships in the excellent Space Engineers, which is a single player and multiplayer space sandbox game in which you can build almost anything. Well, as long as it can be built in space!

Part 1 has a look at a Terran Armsman class frigate, created by Jolleboi.

In Part 2, another Jolleboi creation takes the spotlight, this time a Dindrenzi Thraex class frigate (which could also be a Hammer class frigate if you look at it in a certain way!).

For the third and final part, a Dindrenzi Conqueror class battleship, created by MieuxMieuxMieux, takes centre stage.

Thanks to both Jolleboi and MieuxMieuxMieux for replicating the Firestorm ships in the game. They did a fine job and it’s pretty cool to be able to walk around these ships (in-game, at least) that have until now only been artwork and resin models!

If you’d like to check out Space Engineers, it’s available now on Steam Early Access for £15 (or $20 USD) and is well worth picking up if you’re interested in all things space.