Halo Ground Command: Battle For Reach Unboxing

Welcome to Halo Ground Command Week on the FS YouTube channel! To kick things off, I dived into the Battle for Reach starter box to have a look around. There is a lot of stuff in that weighty box, and consequently the video is quite long!

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Aquan And Directorate Assault Helix Unboxings

Two new videos have been uploaded to the Fleet Signal channel on YouTube, featuring the Aquan and Directorate Assault helices for Firestorm Planetfall.

First up, I dug into the Aquan Assault Helix to see what’s in the box.

Not to be outdone, the corporate drug squads of the Directorate also have an Assault Helix.

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Spartan Games At Salute 2016

After a successful first appearance at the Salute wargames show in London last year, Spartan Games returned to Salute this year with an even bigger stand and some new things to show. I went along to take a look.

Unfortunately, the video doesn’t show Spartan’s new alt-WW2 game, Project Goeterdammerung, that’s currently in development, However, you’ll find that game along with photos of lots of other games over on the Fleet Signal Instagram account. Thanks for watching!

Covenant Armoured Cruiser Upgrade Unboxing

The Covenant Armoured Cruiser Upgrade box has been unboxed over on the Fleet Signal YouTube channel. Find out what the RCS Armoured Cruiser is like along with the other bits and pieces in the box.

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UNSC Orion Assault Carrier Unboxing

The Orion-class Assault Carrier for the UNSC forces in Halo Fleet Battles has been unboxed on camera over on the FS YouTube channel.

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Firestorm Taskforce Rules Overview

The latest video on the FS YouTube channel features an overview of the Firestorm Taskforce rules. Join me as I have a flick through the rules booklet and take a look at what the game is like — on paper, at least!

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Aquan Vs Directorate Firestorm Taskforce Unboxing

The latest addition to the Fleet Signal YouTube channel (and the first of 2016 — it’s been a while!) is an unboxing of the Aquan vs Directorate starter set for Firestorm Taskforce. Join me as I find out what’s in the box.

As always your comments, either here or on YouTube, are very much appreciated. What do you think about the models? Do you plan to get into Firestorm with a Taskforce set? Let me know!

Also, look out for a video about the Taskforce rules, which will show up soon on the channel.

Firestorm Armada Acrylic Token Set Unblistering

Over on the FS YouTube channel, I’ve unblistered the Game Effects Token Set (to give it its full name) for Firestorm Armada. These are the “official” acrylic replacements by Spartan Games for your cardboard tokens. Find out what they’re like!

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