Marauder Stats Updated For Firestorm Armada

Oroshan dreadnought. Image credit: Spartan Games.

Spartan Games has published an updated PDF of stats for the Marauder factions in Firestorm Armada. The document also contains Marauder TAC cards for use with 2.0.

This document includes statistic updates for the STL Traders and Corsairs, our latest model updates, and is compliant with the Version 2.0 rules. Please note that as we move Version 3.0 of the rules we will be integrating these rules into the core rulebook and providing a complete overhaul of how Marauder factions are used in the Firestorm Armada game.

The PDF can be downloaded, as always, from the Firestorm Armada section of the Spartan Games Downloads page.

Spirit Of Fire, Blockade Runner, Smaller HGC Ships For June 2017

Spartan Games has announced the June 2017 slate of new releases, which include new shineys for Halo Fleet Battles and Halo Ground Command.

Halo Fleet Battles will see two new ships, the Phoenix-class Colonial Support Vessel (most famously portrayed as the “Spirit of Fire” in Halo Wars) for the UNSC, and the Covenant Blockade Runner which will be familiar to Halo 5 players.

UNSC Phoenix-class Colonial Support Vessel for Halo Fleet Battles. Image credit: Spartan Games.

UNSC Phoenix-class Colonial Support Vessel for Halo Fleet Battles. Image credit: Spartan Games.

Covenant Blockade Runner for Halo Fleet Battles. Image credit: Spartan Games.

Covenant Blockade Runner for Halo Fleet Battles. Image credit: Spartan Games.

Halo Ground Command will see smaller (and cheaper) 1:300-scale versions of the Pelican and Phantom dropships, created in response to feedback which said the larger versions are too big for the average miniatures case.

HGC will also get the UNSC Longsword and Covenant Seraph fighters in 1:300-scale which, like the dropship models, are intended to replace shadow templates with actual models.

UNSC Longsword fighter for Halo Ground Command. Image credit: Spartan Games.

UNSC Longsword fighter for Halo Ground Command. Image credit: Spartan Games.

Covenant Seraph fighter for Halo Ground Command. Image credit: Spartan Games.

Covenant Seraph fighter for Halo Ground Command. Image credit: Spartan Games.

These new additions to Halo on the tabletop are intended for release by the end of June.

Planetfall 2.0 Beta Stats & Hawker Sneak Peek

Firestorm Planetfall logo.

Over on the Planetfall forums, Spartan Derek has posted the 2.0 beta stats for the core 6 factions and their natural allies.

The stats are very much still in flux and will probably change between now and 2.0’s release, but it’s nice to see where things are going. Note that you need to be signed into the forums to download the PDFs.

Also, Derek posted a little teaser for some forthcoming Hawker Industries models. These are also subject to change, although the modifications are likely to be relatively minor.

Hawker Core Helix preview. Image credit: Spartan Games.

Hawker Core Helix preview. Image credit: Spartan Games.

Part of the 2.0 plan is that every natural ally will eventually get a core helix, and then become usable as an army in their own right.

Spartan Force Builder Launches In Beta

Spartan Games logo.

Spartan Games has launched the open beta of their Force Builder web app. The app currently only lets you build a Halo Ground Command army, but the rest of Spartan’s games are due to make an appearance at a later date.

If you’d like to try out the builder, you’ll need a Microsoft account, although more login methods will be added in due course. Be sure to leave feedback in the forums thread for the app to help improve it.

Southampton Sluggaz Hosts Firestorm Armada in June

Southampton Sluggaz logo.

On Saturday, June 17, the Southampton Sluggaz club in Southampton, England, will host a 1000-point Firestorm Armada tournament. It’ll cost £7.50 to enter for members and £10 for non-members, and three rounds of play are planned.

The Sluggaz have consistently supported Firestorm for some time, and this is sure to be a fun day of Armada. You’ll find all the details in the Spartan Forums thread where you can also ask questions, and if you’re on Facebook there’s an event page you can RSVP to and discuss the event on.

Grab The Firestorm Taskforce Rules And Stats For Free

Firestorm Taskforce Logo.

Spartan Games has released the Firestorm Taskforce rules and stats as free PDFs on their website. Firestorm Taskforce is the slim and fast-playing version of Firestorm Armada (and is arguably a game in its own right).

On the website you’ll find PDFs of the rules as well as stats for all of the core factions plus the allied factions and the marauders, too.

Taskforce is an interesting take on Firestorm, and some say it’s actually better than Armada for larger games! Why not take a look and try it out?

Die Grüne Horde Spring Gaming Day 2017 Approaches

Die Grüne Horde logo.

The guys at Die Grüne Horde are gearing up for their Spring Gaming Day on May 20th in Marktl am Inn, Germany, not far from the border with Austria. It’ll be a one-day event which, among other games, will feature Firestorm Armada.

The FSA tournament is set for 1000-point fleets, played on 4ft by 4ft tables which should ensure lots of close-quarters carnage! A variety of scenarios will be played to mix things up.

If you’d like to go, you’ll find all the details, including the registration link, in the forum thread on the Spartan Forums.

An Early Look At Firestorm Planetfall 2.0

Firestorm Planetfall logo.

Following on from the Firestorm Armada designer’s thread, Spartan Derek has started a thread in the Spartan Games Forums for discussion of Planetfall 2.0.

Within the thread are a couple of links to PDFs, one of which is an early outline of what Planetfall 2.0 will look like, and the other is a playtest document with stats for the Directorate and Works Raptor.

It looks like some significant changes will be coming to 2.0. If you’re at all interested in the next edition of Planetfall, be sure to grab a copy of the PDFs and take a look. Also, don’t be shy about giving your own feedback in the forum thread. Remember, though, everything in the PDFs is subject to change.

Design Roadmap For Firestorm Armada 3.0

Firestorm Armada logo.

On the Spartan blog, Derek Sinclair (aka Spartan Derek) has outlined the roadmap for the third edition of Firestorm Armada, due out in August. In the article he also talks about design decisions that are being made for 3.0, including changes to some core mechanisms of the game.

One of the most significant changes away from the game itself is that Spartan now has community and design teams for Firestorm. It might not look like a big change, but it’s one that should have a far-reaching and positive effect on the game.

Derek also opened a thread on the Spartan Forums to invite a conversation with the community, and several of his posts there have gone into more detail about 3.0 in response to some great posts from community members.

Spartan Games Outlines Plans For Firestorm In 2017

Spartan Games logo.

One of the most frequent criticisms of Spartan Games is that long periods of time go by without new information about the future of their games. Well, in a lengthy blog post on the Spartan Games website, Spartan Neil has laid out the plan for the Firestorm Galaxy in 2017.

The post mentions key dates for releases this year, the most important of which are new editions of both Firestorm Armada and Planetfall in August. There’s also talk of a “common development language” between the two systems. This doesn’t mean both games will share the same rules (that would be silly), but it’ll be easier to go from one to the other.

Of course, some people will inevitably point out that Spartan has made statements like this before and not delivered on them. However, 2017 is a make-or-break year for Firestorm. The best advice would be to simply watch and see how the rest of 2017 unfolds. If the plans are stuck to, it’s going to be an insanely cool year for both games.

In a separate post, Spartan also revealed a new Overseers ship called the Deliverance Engine, as part of their Easter offers. No information is yet available on if or when it’ll be available separately at a later date.