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Welcome! Fleet Signal is focused on covering sci-fi tabletop wargames published by Spartan Games. These include Firestorm Armada, Firestorm Planetfall, Halo Fleet Battles, and Halo Ground Command. Firestorm Armada is a space combat wargame; Firestorm Planetfall is a ground combat wargame that focuses on futuristic infantry, vehicles and mechs; Halo Fleet Battles lets you play epic space battles in the Halo universe; and Halo Ground Command is a game of mass battles set in the Halo universe.

The aim of the Fleet Signal project, including the website, YouTube channel and social media accounts, is to cover Spartan sci-fi and to spread the word! The Firestorm Galaxy and the Halo universe are great settings and the tabletop games within each franchise deserve to be widely played.

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