Fleet First Jumps On To YouTube

Fleet First video about front line ships in Halo Fleet Battles. Image credit: Fleet First.

A new YouTube channel called Fleet First has appeared, which focuses squarely on all things Halo Fleet Battles.

The channel hasn’t been up for long, but already has a guide to front line ships and a guide to the November 2016 rules changes, as well as reviews of the CAS and Punic massive ships.

It’s always great to see new Halo or Firestorm channels appear on YouTube. If you enjoy the content, be sure to subscribe to the channel!

Spartan Games Goes Into Black Friday Mode

Spartan Games Black Friday 2016 deals. Image credit: Spartan Games.

It’s that time of year again when wallets everywhere leave town for a weekend holiday, and Spartan Games is taking part with some Black Friday deals.

Over on the official store, you can pick up two-player starter sets, Firestorm Armada patrol fleets, Planetfall core helices, and all books for 40% off RRP. That makes, for example, an Armada starter box cost £54, or a Planetfall core helix cost £24. You can also get a standalone Halo Ground Command rulebook for £9. Yes, it’s now available as a standalone item.

The deals will be available over the weekend until November 28th.

Firestorm Armada At Warfare 2016 Results

Terrans stare at their opponents across the table. Image credit: Chris Smith.

Over this past weekend, 20 players descended on Reading in south-east England for the largest UK Firestorm Armada tournament, hosted at Warfare 2016.

By all accounts the event was a huge success, and tournament organiser Chris Smith has posted the final results from the tourney.

Warfare 2016 final results. Image credit: Chris Smith.

Chris Houghtan emerged on top yet again to win Reading for the third year in a row, and the coveted wooden spoon for last place went to Jake Perry. The award for Best Painted fleet went to Chris Alton, and the Most Sporting award to Darrel Henson.

Huge thanks to Mr Smith and co. for organising the event for the third year running. Pics from the events should be up on the Spartan Forums soon, or check out the Firestorm Armada Admirals League group on Facebook. Here’s to an even better and bigger Warfare 2017!

Combatzone Scenery Adds Asteroid Space Stations

Combatzone Scenery has added a couple of new asteroid-themed items to their already impressive lineup of space terrain. The Asteroid Space Station kit lets you build a large variety of asteroid-based stations for your Firestorm or Halo gaming table.

Asteroid Space Station set by Combatzone Scenery.

In addition, if you need even more bits for your space stations (or any other projects), Combatzone also offers a Solar Booster Set that contains all kinds of parts such as solar panels, antennas and buildings.

Solar Booster Set by Combatzone Scenery.

The space station kit retails for £25 and the booster set for £10. They’re on pre-order right now and will start shipping from November 22.

Spartan Discusses Feedback For Future Firestorm

Spartan Games logo.

Spartan Games has published part 2 in a series of blog posts about the recent development survey they ran (part 1 was about the Dystopian franchise). The post covers feedback from the survey, and mostly focuses on the number one response which was that Spartan should release new models for their games.

The posts also mentions some upcoming developments for Firestorm, including Planetfall 2.0 and Armada 3.0, as well as more focus on the narrative for each game. It also reveals that the RSN and Hawker Industries will be “the first two Alliances to be fleshed out to operate as a Core Force” in Planetfall, appearing as part of more flexible helix building rules in 2.0.

The Halo games are absent from this post, but will be covered in their own post in due time.

Die Grüne Horde Unboxes The UNSC Pelican

Die Grüne Horde logo.

Over on YouTube, Die Grüne Horde has published an unboxing of the much-delayed UNSC Pelican from Halo Ground Command. If you’re still waiting for yours, or would just like to see what’s inside the box, then be sure to take a look.

DGH also recently published a review of the Ground Command rulebook, which might be useful for anyone who is curious about the rules but is yet to dive in.

Planetfall Will Return To Adepticon In 2017

Adepticon logo.

Over on Facebook, The WayGate has revealed that Planetfall will return to Adepticon on Friday, March 24, 2017.

The WayGate in conjunction with Spartan Games, Firebase Delta Podcast and Evolution Games of Lansing, MI is proud to bring you The Schaumburg Beach Head Firestorm Planetfall GT. This is the 2nd year for the Beach Head at Adepticon and its bigger and better!

This year players will bring their best 2 5000 point lists. The same faction must make up the core helix for both lists. Players will battle over 3 rounds for supremacy on the ground of Schaumburg Prime.

Registration for Adepticon starts in November!

Stay tuned here and to The WayGate for details as they develop!

If you’re on Facebook, check out the event’s page to express your interest if you’re interested in playing, and keep an eye on both The WayGate and the Adepticon website for more information as Adepticon draws nearer.

Flashpoint Amber Kicks Off With Operation Medusa

Daedalus Station from Flashpoint Amber. Image credit: Spartan Games.

Spartan Games has posted a new entry in the official blog entitled Flashpoint Amber, which begins a new story arc in the Amber system of the Firestorm Galaxy, starting with The Medusa Offensive.

The post includes an introduction to the Amber system and why the warring factions are so interested in it, as well as a description of the system and a system map. You’ll also find a PDF which details the story leading up to Operation Medusa from the perspective of Charter Grand Admiral Pavel Novikoff of the Kurak Alliance.

Further on, there’s an updated rule for Mixed Cruiser Squadrons which will be of interest to Omnidyne admirals in particular. Oh, and earlier today, Spartan posted this image on Facebook.

Daedalus Station render. Image credit: Spartan Games.

A look at the Amber system from a Zenian perspective, as well as official scenarios, are due soon.

Firestorm Flashpoints And Future Plans

Terran Indomitable-class Battle Carrier. Image credit: Spartan Games.

Recent Halo news and product releases meant that Firestorm had to step away for a while, but in the first entry in a new series called Flashpoint Firestorm, Spartan Games has provided an update on all things Firestorm Galaxy.

The main focus of the update, which also gave it its name, is the new Flashpoint system of campaigns, which might remind those with longer memories of the community campaigns from not so long ago. It seems that they’re a proper, official thing now, taking the Firestorm canon away from the Storm Zone into other parts of the galaxy.

The blog also talks a bit about what’s happening with Firestorm Armada (including 3.0) and Firestorm Planetfall (including 2.0), and there’s also some talk about models, including this:

Terran Indomitable-class Battle Carrier. Image credit: Spartan Games.

I have to say, a black and teal Terran paint scheme would look pretty sick! It seems that those of us who are fans of the Firestorm setting have lots to look forward to.

Halo Ground Command September Wave Announced

Covenant Scenery Box from Halo Ground Command. Image credit: Spartan Games.

Spartan Games has revealed the September wave of products for Halo Ground Command, which include the dropships as well as extra units from the starter box (in case you need more Hunters, Ghosts, or Warthogs). Notably, the actual contents of the dropship boxes include more than just the dropships themselves.

Also included in this wave are two new scenery boxes, one for each faction, scaled for the game’s 1/100 (aka 15mm) scale and inspired by Halo Reach. According to the product pages, the scenery is mostly resin with some pewter pieces.

UNSC Scenery Box from Halo Ground Command. Image credit: Spartan Games.

Covenant Scenery Box from Halo Ground Command. Image credit: Spartan Games.

The Pelican is scheduled for early September and the Phantom for late September. The other boxes are all scheduled for release on September 28.